CRTCL Crafting (Critical Crafting) is the exploration in the production of near-future objects through the nuances of craft. This is done by focusing on small scale prototype creation in speculative manufacturing in collaboration with practitioners and scientific protocols in the commons. Through this process, we create artifacts that engineer a vision of non-violent futures in manufacturing and craft, where exploitation of labor and environmental destruction are normalized in our current systems of production. In our research, we focus on incorporating collaborating with practitioners in each of our chapters as this provides us with more informed insights in envisioning near-future supply chains.
This project is divided into chapters which is dedicated to playing with various concepts, processes, and materialities.

Ananda Gabo
is an interdisciplinary designer who has been exploring synthetic biology, manufacturing, food design and community building for ten years. Their current work focuses on their practice called “Critical Crafting” which is a manifestation of producing objects through the nuances of craft by creating prototypes for speculative manufacturing. They are currently partnering with industry practitioners to imagine near-future scenarios of prototyping. Ananda has been a Community Bio Fellow in 2019, an Ada Lovelace Fellow at Open Science Hardware Summit 2020, and a past member of iGEM Toronto.

Anastasiya Yatsuk
is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and fashion designer. Her work explores mapping, questioning of the medium, and social pattern analysis. Born in Russia, Anastasiya studied Journalism at Belgorod State University, before transferring to College of Design, Architecture, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. She has been working as a Creative Director and Fashion Designer for her clothing line, TEXTILEHAUS where she uses different textiles/textile treatment to create a cohesive line for each season. She is currently based in San Francisco and collaborates with the creative community to question branding, consumerism, and sustainable production.

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